Mike Gives Back

Mike Warren is a self-taught serial entrepreneur that has been transforming businesses for over two decades. Mike did not grow up in an affluent family. In fact, he is a military “brat” as he likes to call himself.

He grew up seeing the difference between the “haves” and the “have nots”. At a young age, he knew he wanted more.  By following his earliest passion for finding things and uncovering their value, he’s built a multi-million-dollar private equity firm, been a #1 international bestselling author and co-founded Boots2Suits, a company dedicated to helping veterans transition from the military into civilian business ownership.

His international number-one bestselling book, “The Exit Formula: How to Sell Your Business For 3x More Than It’s Worth Today” and co-authored another book with Jay Conrad Levinson, “Guerrilla Credit: How to get Cash and Credit For Any Business,” and collectively they have sold millions of copies worldwide.

A military veteran, Mike has made it his mission to empower companies and entrepreneurs that are dedicated to giving back to their communities and the world at large. Mike and his team help companies see the bigger vision of what they and their companies can be and how that translates to success for the company, their employees and the local community.